The DL Road team encompasses pro level and masters level racers competing regionally and nationally.  Specialized, HED, Skratch Labs, DonkeyLabel and the Bicycle Haus sponsor the invite only elite squad which looks to make a splash on the National scene with the cleanest set up in the peloton.


Minnesota has one of the nicest wooden tracks left in the US of A.  The DL Project 320 Track team is made of up Tim Mulrooney, Dan Casper, James Tainter, and David Brinton. HEDDonkeyLabel, GQ-6, and Kinetic sponsor the invite only elite squad. They won the masters pursuit World Championship in Manchester England in 2014 and are training to defend that title in 2015.


 The most fun you can have on a bike,  and then off a bike for a short time,  and then back on.  DL Cross embodies the soul of our brand as it mixes cycling, beer, bad weather, pain and fun.  It also keeps you humble as it is hard to take yourself too seriously when you are lying on the ground. HEDSkratch LabsDonkeyLabel and the Bicycle Haus sponsor the invite only elite squad